Monday, June 15, 2009


Yea!! Teri was accepted into IHC's nursing program beginning in August. What great news to receive after 9 days honeymooning in the Bahamas. We are proud of you Teri!

Monday, June 8, 2009


Graduation was fun. We met at Chuck-A-Rama for dinner before. Adam flew in to surprise Laura and Lindsey and I think got the reaction he hoped for. Lindsey was just in front of Adam heading back to the table and saw Laura's face of recognition and the tears started to flow as she jumped up and down. Lindsey's face was one of what is going on and turned to see what Laura was looking at and then her face crumpled to tears and grins. Thanks Adam. You made their day. Here is a video of them signing the National Anthem at the beginning. I've tried to post another with Laura dancing in the isle after graduation but it won't upload.


Laura and Lindsey's Graduation


Saturday we went to Nick and Erin's property near Strawberry Resevoir. Picture of Laura and Ellie in the car. We took Ellie so Becky would have room in her car to bring Lindsey the next day because Lindsey had to work.

Dad by campfire with Nikaylee. Beautiful view of the valley from their property. Ellie and Aiden enjoyed s'mores. We had a BBQ dinner with them. Nick grilled the chicken perfect and roasted our marshmellows perfect. We had a great time and wished we could stay longer - but Vernal called.

Went to Vernal for the blessing of Jacob Danger Bradbury. These are pictures of the back yard of Aaron and Galima's new home. Lot's of rocks to climb on. I was a little worried until I remembered that the new owner is an Emergency Room Physician so he can stitch up the kids when they fall from the rocks.

Great Gazebo. Aaron Elwood admiring the large rock waterfall by the other Gazebo.

Lindsey in the hammock with Dayton and later with Sophie. Lindsey wasn't happy when it was time to go because she said she was just getting bonded with Sophie.
Great weekend spent with family. We love ya all!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Teri's Beautiful Wedding


Jason & Erin; Jarrett (Teri's brother) & Laura; Spencer (another brother) and Lindsey

Aiden the ring bearer; Ellie & Savannah the flower girls; Teri and her dad!

Lindsey, Laura, Erin and freinds Stephane and Jessica (she's hiding behind Teri)

Mr. & Mrs. Sullivan (that makes you sound old Teri)

Dinner on the Patio! Thems some good ribs (actually Laura's eating the chicken)

A sisterly moment. This is how I always see Ava - her face buried in her mom's neck or legs.

The family picture. Then the photographer asks for only the parents, grandparents and siblings to stay. We had to stay this is them. He probably would have died if ya'll were there. He'd have to get the wide angle lens!

I think the only time I sat down that day/night! To give a thirsty girl a drink!

The cake Topper (great sense of humor)

The farewell. Mitch was a good sport considering he keeps his car spotless. They did stop and get it washed before getting to the Hotel!

Just more pictures of my wonderful family!
Thanks to Jonathan and Kimberly for taking all these pictures. I was too busy and knew between family, the videographer and photograper we'd end up with some good ones.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Weight Watchers

Updated June 3, 2009

Dad and I started Weight Watchers 3 weeks ago after dad's doctor told him a lot of his health problems could be eliminated or reduced if he lost weight. We weigh in each Thursday and I'll try to keep up with the posting of progress. Congrats to Dad for week 2. We were in New York and he still lost eating Galima's great cooking.

Week 1 lost 6.0 lbs
Week 2 lost 2.0 lbs.
Week 3 lost 5.4 lbs
Week 4 - Dad took the day off so didn't weigh in (I think he was afraid)
Week 5 - lost 2.4 pounds
Wee 6 - Dad at meeting and didn't weight in!
Week 7 - No weigh in - We were at a wedding
Week 8 - Maintained! That's great considering missing two weigh-ins, no tracking and a lot of
eating out.
Week 9 - Gained 2.2 pounds. Time to recommit!
TOTAL lost 13.6lbs.??

Week 1 lost 5.4 lbs.
Week 2 gained 2 lbs. (It was that New York Cheesecake)
Week 3 lost 3.4 lbs.
Week 4 lost 2.2 lbs.
Week 5 lost 1.4 lbs.
Week 6 lost .6 lbs (better than nothing)
Week 7 - No weigh in - we were at a wedding
Week 8 - lost .6 lbs. (shocking with all the elcairs, BBQ ribs & wedding cake I ate)
Week 9 - Gained 1 pound - No more Chuck-A-Rama for me. I can't resist their scones!
TOTAL lost 12.6 lbs.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Our trip to New York was great fun! We had a red eye flight Thursday night and went straight to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island after dropping luggage off at the hotel. We spent time in Battery Park watching street dancers, vendors, etc. Had lunch at an Amish deli then to the hotel to crash. Saturday, the girls had dance classes most of the day at Broadway Dance Studio. Ate New York Pizza between classes - Yum! Shopped 5th Avenue. Then off to the Broadway show of "Mama Mia" in Times Square. Sunday we went to Church and then the Metropolitan Museum of Art, then to the Broadway Show of "The Little Mermaid". It was amazing. Monday is rained and our flight was cancelled to come home. The girls had a dance class with a guy that was the Dance Captain for the Chicago Broadway Dancers. He put them through a mock audition. We then shopped at Macy's which is 8 (or 9) floors and takes the entire city block. It was huge. We then walked and subwayed to Ground Zero. It poured rain all day and the kids were soaked. We checked back into our hotel and ordered pizza for the girls who were wet, cold and tired. Several adults went to Time Square for some great pizza. The extra day gave us time to go to Little Italy and china Town. We finally made it home late Tuesday night.
We experienced a lot of New York life, ate from street vendors. Hot Knish is real good. I had that instead of a Hot dog (yuk). It's worth going to New York for the cheesecake. Here are some pictures. of our adventures.

Little Italy. Laura ate lunch at the restaurant on the left and Lindsey ate at the one on the right. Most of Little Italy were restaurants and bakeries. Food was wonderful.

Empire State Building. Very windy as you can tell by Lindsey's hair blowing. Also, very cold as you can see by the looks on the faces of the girls.

Very crowded subway. Sometimes we just had to push our way into the subway.

View of Central Park. I can see why they have this park. With the rest of New York being only buildings and concrete, they need somewhere to go to get out of all that hussle bussell.

This is the castle in Central Park that was used in Step Mom.

In the city is the Temple. Notice Moroni on top. That was the only time that I new my directions because I know that Moroni always faces East. We went to church on the 3rd floor. We were so tired that everyone fell asleep. Nice visitors we are.
Laura getting out of the limo we took back to the hotel after seeing the broadway show "Mama Mia". They gave us a good deal for our group so we all piled in 3 limos. This might have been the highlight of the trip for the girls.

Laura and friends in FAO Schwarts dancing on the piano.

Can't shop 5th Avenue without going to Tiffany's and can't go into Tiffany's without buying something. My souvenior was a traditional charm bracelet from Tiffany's. Dad didn't respond when I text him asking if Icould get it. I took no response as a yes. There is probably a lesson here. Answer your wife promptly or never let her go into Tiffany's alone.

Statue of Liberty and the girls on the Ferry on the way to the Statue of Liberty.
At the airport getting ready to go. This is going to New York not coming home. We looked a lot more tired when we left.